Anybody who’s passed their driving test will be familiar with the good old Highway Code. First published in 2007, it’s not been around as long as some might expect. However, it’s vital for those wanting to know the signs, signals and legal rules relating to the road. It’s safe to say that the Highway Code itself has grown over the years and now covers all manner of road-related regulations, but is there anything we feel is missing and needs to be considered for its next update? Here are our top three suggestions:

Sticking to the speed limit

Now we know that not going over the speed limit is very well documented within the Highway Code but what about not travelling too far under it, unless in extenuating circumstances of course? We’ve probably all had an experience, tootling along a country road at the legal 60mph speed limit, only to come round a corner and have to slam on our breaks because someone is absentmindedly mooching along at just 30mph. Obviously, we appreciate that sometimes going slowly is absolutely necessary but occasionally it causes more issues than travelling at a legal higher speed.

Boot essentials

There are some things that we legally need to keep in our cars, such as spare tyres and a jack, but we’re nowhere near as strict in the UK as our European neighbours. In France, for example, you need to carry a breathalyser, high vis jacket and warning triangle. We think this is a great idea; none of the items take up much space but could pay dividends in the event of an incident.

Selfish parking

More often these days it seems that drivers are using sneaky tactics to ensure you can’t park near them. This varies from parking over two spaces to parking as close to one edge of a parking space as is humanly possible. We’ve checked and there’s nothing in the Highway Code to say people can’t do this at the moment. With parking at a premium, especially in urban areas, we think it’s time this was reviewed.

We’d love to know what you think to the above or if you have any further requests. Why not let us know on our Facebook page?

Sarah Lewis


April 15, 2016

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