Redundant motoring accessories

October 16, 2015 | By | In Buying Guides
Redundant motoring accessories

The automotive industry is arguably one of the fastest moving and most rapidly developing sectors in the world. With innovations in technology, materials and design seemingly limitless, it’s no wonder that some car and driving accessories are seeing their final days. We’ve put together a round-up of the five we feel cars won’t be the same without. Let us know if you agree, or send us the ones you can’t believe have gone. 


We feel like map reading could become a lost art! In just a few short years, satnavs have turned from being unobtainable sci-fi tech to an affordable reality. Most people wouldn’t be without a purpose built portable satnav or smartphone with interactive maps and cars are increasingly being fitted with built-in solutions as standard. But it’s always handy to have a back-up in case of a power fail!

Tax disc holder

October 2014 said RIP to the coloured paper disc that adorned or cluttered windscreens across the UK – depending on your opinion. One year on, we can’t say we’ve missed this one too much. However, we’ve spotted multiple drivers who’ve just left theirs where it is, perhaps they want to get their money’s worth.

Cigarette lighter

A rising number of cars are now manufactured without a cigarette lighter due to the number of smokers falling. However, ready to jump in its space is a 12v charger which most of the team claim they couldn’t do without!

Steering wheel covers

Something most of us were guilty of owning at one point was steering wheel covers. Mostly garishly patterned and violently coloured, thankfully these have largely been sent to the textile recycling bin due to improvements in heating and circulation and the emergence of heated steering wheels. 

Tape to CD converter

Arguably the most important car gadget of the past twenty years is the tape converter. Almost as soon as the car was bought, most of us hot footed it to the car shop to pick up one to make sure we could blast out our favourite driving tunes. As a memento of our youth, we’re a little sorry to see these gone. But CDs and Bluetooth connections give a much better sound quality and are safer to operate too. 

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