Porsche's fastest road-going 911 yet

May 19, 2010 | By | In Buying Guides

It’s billed as the fastest road-going Porsche yet. But, and this’ll come as no surprise, you’ll need to have very deep pockets to buy one. The new 911 GT2 RS will cost from a heady £164,107 when it gs on sale next September.

For that you get a 620bhp car capable of moving from rest to 62mph in 3.6secs. Keep going and it’ll reach 99mph after 6.8secs and go on to top out (if you’re on a race track) at 205mph. Porsche diehards will know that this is by no means the first version of the RS2. But the newcomer boasts an added 90bhp while weighing 70kgs less. This means that the car has a weight-to-power ratio of just 2.21kgs per horsepower – which is better than any other of its type.

Its 3.6-litre, six cylinder engine has twin turbochargers and puts power to the rear wheels using a six-speed gearbox. Such power requires equal stopping ability – provided here by PCCB composite ceramic brakes, which are fitted as standard.

For Porsche fans, this car will be easily to tell apart from the ‘standard’ GT2 mode. Look for its matt-black components which are carbon-fibre reinforced. Inside, lightweight bucket seats are made from carbon-reinforced plastic, while the inside door panels feature retro-style closure straps. The cabin is black inside, but red alcantara on the seat centres and roof lift the mood.

The car will first go on show at the Moscow Motor Show in August, just ahead of its UK launch. Just 500 will be made for the UK.

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