Our favourite convertible bargains

July 26, 2011 | By | In Buying Guides

After that amazing heatwave back in May and June, we’ve seen some alarming reports of weeks of rain to come recently. However, ever the optimists at, we thought we’d try and help you maintain a bit of summer spirit. A bit of fantasizing never did anyone any harm, and with that in mind, we thought we’d run you through a few of our favourite bargain convertible motors.

Here’s hoping we get to enjoy another sunny spell before too long – fingers crossed! And, rainy old Britain being rainy old Britain, you can always put the roof up if needs be – these cars will still look great!

Convertibles are usually regarded as seriously pricey motors, but if you’re after a real steal, have a think about a Ford Streetka. Nippy, fun-looking, and easy for parking, it’s also an absolute bargain. Check this one out at just under five grand. If Ford isn’t quite cool enough for you, then keep hunting, and you’ll find even more drop-top treasure. How about a 2004 Mazda MX-5? Surely worth a look for £5,000.


Step up your budget a little and you can really start to find some style. Peugeot 307s are not just for the school run – this slick-looking silver convertible, with leather interiors, is less than £7,000, for example. If that’s not your style, go retro with a VW Beetle soft-top for just under ten grand – and it’s less than a year old.

And for a piece-de-resistance for this price bracket, check this out. Fancy a Porsche Boxster for less than £9,000? Anything is possible in the used car market!

Moving on up, but sticking with our favourite German speed-demons, check out this old school 911 for £15,000. Achtung baby!

But even that is outdone by the absolute pick of the bunch. Here in the office we can’t quite think of anything we’d rather spend £14,995 on than an AC Cobra. This is one hell of a head-turner. A specially commissioned V8 engine, just 106 hours drive time so far…and, surprisingly enough, it has power-assisted steering!


If you’re looking to spend this sort of money, you start to come across cars that would leave a much bigger dent in your budget if you bought them new. The Mercedes CLK 350 oozes class, and you don’t have to go back too many years to find one at £20,000 – have a look at this 2007 black model.

If Italian is more your thing, check out this bargain Alfa Romeo Spider for less than £16,000. It’s a real car with attitude…especially with the orange leather interiors!

And, just since we’re mid-festival season, how about something a little leftfield. You asked for convertibles, so here it is – the soft-top VW would be the coolest person at V festival.

You know, the used car market really does throw up some absolute gems. So, if you’ve got a bit of spare cash and are in the market for a convertible, look no further. Fancy a 1991 Ferrari Mondial for £30,000? We rest our case.

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