Keeping children entertained on car journeys

August 3, 2015 | By | In Buying Guides
Keeping children entertained on car journeys

It might be a clich?, but the chant of “are we nearly there yet?” is a reality for any parent who has embarked on a long journey with kids in tow, particularly when searching for new ways to keep the kids entertained during the summer holidays.

You might have only been on the road for 15 minutes into a four-hour trip, but youngsters quickly become bored, fractious and tired when in the car and it only takes a couple of complaints from the children for drivers to start feeling stressed.

Here at, we’ve gathered some great tips from the parents in our team about the best entertainment options for children that will help you enjoy a stress-free journey.

1. In-car DVD player

“The best purchase I ever made!” was how one parent put it when she was asked about how she entertained her children on a long car journey. Armed with a few cartoons and films, the hours flew by, she said.

2. Electronic gadgets

Don’t feel guilty about handing over your electronic device or tablet! We know how much youngsters love to play their games, so if it gives you an extra hour of trouble-free driving, it has to be worth it, doesn’t it?

3. Games 

A simple game of I-Spy, Yellow Car, alphabet games, word association games can keep your youngsters entertained for … oooh, minutes! According to a Disney survey in 2014, only 14% of parents considered traditional games to stave off their children’s boredom. 

4. Art

Arm your little ones with a mini white board, a colouring book, some paper and a few crayons  and they will entertain themselves for ages – challenge them to draw something funny, and see what they come up with. You can buy art sets that are made for cars, which are great because everything stores away neatly.

5. Toys and books

Before you head off, let your children pack a few of their favourite toys and books in a bag that they can keep in the back of the car. You could also spring a little surprise toy on them half way into the journey to keep them occupied for a little while.

Keeping your children entertained means stress-free journeys but make sure you have plenty of pit-stops, too – everyone gets uncomfortable when sitting for too long. It also gives them chance to stretch their legs, run around and play a game for a while. Also make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks available throughout the ride.

What worked for you and your children when you were on long journeys? Let us know is the comments below or via our Facebook page.

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