If your son or daughter is just about to scoot off to college, we can tell you which affordable second-hand car you’re best to send them in. For novice drivers, a Honda Jazz 1.4 is the most dependable car available on a £3000 buying budget.

This info comes courtesy of breakdown insurance company Warranty Direct, who say the Jazz is the most reliable small car for the money. Even the eight-year-old example that our £3k budget buys is pretty unlikely to break down in a year’s use: there’s only a 2 in 25 chance. A similar age Vauxhall Astra should prove faithful, too – it ranks second to the Jazz for reliability. Next is Toyota’s Yaris, then Nissan’s Micra and the Volkswagen Lupo. What’s more, if the Jazz does go wrong it won’t cost a mint to fix – the average repair bill will be £232.

By contrast, one in four Citroen C3 small cars is likely to break down in a year. And almost half of all Daewoo Matiz city cars will need attention.

Warranty Direct reached its conclusion by scanning the history of the more than 50,000 cars it covers.

Stephen Jury


September 20, 2010

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