Five cars to save Santa from sleigh breakdown

December 23, 2013 | By | In Buying Guides
Five cars to save Santa from sleigh breakdown

It’s every child’s worst nightmare – it’s Christmas Eve, Santa’s got some seriously important delivery work to do, and his sleigh suffers a major malfunction.

With Buddy the Elf unable to fix the Flux Capacitor, Santa needs some replacement wheels – and fast. To save him precious present-delivering minutes searching for transportation, we’ve shortlisted five alternatives for his around-the-world-in-24-hours annual adventure instead.

Top Gear Toyota Hilux

The Hilux already been tried and tested at traversing North Pole terrain by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson and James May, so Santa can rest assured in the knowledge he’ll at least make it off his snowy drive. With space in the back for some presents, albeit small ones, children across the world will have to make do with iPod Nanos and digital camera memory cards this year as they’re easier to fit on board.

Jaguar F-Type

Santa’s worked hard. He’s put in a lot of man-hours over the years. He’s middle aged. That means only one thing – a mid-life crisis car. Ok, so the Jaguar F-Type might not have all that much room for presents, but it does make an awesome noise and would certainly be quick enough. And the Jaguar badge on the front does make the perfect dopelganger for Rudolph’s red hooter too…

Terrafugia Transition Flying Car

Santa is used to jumping on board his sleigh and taking off, so his temporary replacement really needs similar gravity-defying properties. Enter from the skies above, the Terrafugia Transition flying car. Ok, so landing on roofs and hopping down the chimneys won’t be quite as easy, but thanks to those foldable wings he’ll at least still be able to park it in his Grotto.

Mercedes S-Class with designated driver

We’re not pointing fingers, but it’s no secret Santa likes a wee tipple of sherry as he’s making his rounds. Fortunately the Elf High Council doesn’t mind him drinking on the job and thanks to some talented reindeer, steering his sleigh isn’t too much of a problem either. However, we all know getting behind the wheel after a drink is a sure-fire way to get you on the Naughty List, so we suggest Santa enjoys the comfy rear seats of a Mercedes S-Class this Christmas with a designated driver instead.

Nissan Patrol tows a plane

Carting the world’s Christmas present delivery around either takes a sleigh with a Tardis-like cargo hold, or a massive plane. With the former out of action, Santa will need to plump for this Nissan Patrol so he can tow the aforementioned gigantic Boeing into place on his snowy runway.

Here are some further alternatives to Santa's sleigh this Christmas.

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