A1: a new baby from Audi

February 12, 2010 | By | In Buying Guides

Smallest Audi yet will cost from £13,000 when sales begin later this year. Check out our pics of this so-sharp hatchAudi is poised to launch its smallest car yet.

As with other Audis, the lower the number the more compact the vehicle, so the newcomer will be badged A1.

At just under 4 metres long, it’s 28cm shorter than Audi’s current smallest, the A3. But to keep things comfortable it’s as tall and only a few millimetres narrower. The A1 will be sold as a three-door hatch and while prices aren’t finalised, they are expected to run from £13,000. Despite its neat size, Audi promises that the car will seat four in comfort and have some boot space.

The entry model will be powered by an 86bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine that’s capable of up to 55mpg overall and emissions of just 119g/km. The next motor up in the range, the 1.4 TFSi, will also match those figures if linked with an optional S-tronic twin-clutch automatic gearbox but will offer 120bhp. From launch there will also be a 102bhp, 1.6-litre diesel capable of up to 72mpg and CO2 emissions of just 102 g/km. Trim levels will mirror those of other Audis: SE, Sport and S-line. These will ride on 15in, 16in and 17in alloys respectively and, while SE will have a standard suspension set-up, Sport models will ride more stiffly and ride closer to the ground, while the S-line will be stiffest and lowest riding. Alloy wheels will be included on even the entry models, as will air conditioning and ESP with Audi’s latest differential lock system.

Dealers will begin taking orders from May and the first customers will receive their cars late this year.

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