Every car has a history. For most, that history will have involved being lovingly cared for by a previous owner, in return for years of dutiful service as a family runaround or weekend toy.

However, some cars can hide a hidden past. Unscrupulous vendors can often attempt to hide the fact the car has a potentially expensive fault, or even illegally alter the odometer reading in the hope of increasing its value.

So, whether you’re parting with just a few hundred pounds or many thousands, its worthwhile checking out a vehicles history.

For that you’ll need the vehicle’s logbook – officially known as a V5 document. But what does that tell you? We caught up with Institute of Advanced Motorists spokesman Tim Shallcross to find out exactly what this document can reveal about the history of any potential purchase, and other top tips for those looking for a new set of wheels.

Daljinder Nagra


January 29, 2014