Struggling to sell her house in the current economic climate, one property owner has devised a unique strategy to entice buyers: throw in a free Bentley.

Called – appropriately enough – The Bentley, the six-bedroom luxury property is on Bentley Way in Stanmore, north London. Backing onto the Bentley Priory Nature Reserve, the neighbourhood is considered one of the most exclusive in the area.

As you may expect for a property on the market at a cool £1.87 million, the house also boasts a swimming pool and home cinema.

Though unlike neighbouring properties, the house is being offered with a Bentley Continental GTC, which would have cost the owner around £140,000 new.

The GTC is the British marque’s flagship convertible and is powered by a 6-litre 12-cylinder engine. Despite weighing in at a portly two tonnes, the four seat grand tourer can get from 0-60mph in just 4.4 seconds thanks to a towering 567bhp available on tap.

While not a brand new car, the luxury convertible has covered just 19,500 miles and comes with a full service history. It is finished in top-of-the-range Mulliner specification and is currently valued at around £85,000.

Speaking to, Lisa Goodkind said: “There are lots of properties advertised all the time and we decided that we wanted do something a bit more original that just an ad in the paper or a For Sale sign outside, to create some excitement and get our house noticed.”

According to a spokesperson from estate agents Preston Bennett, to qualify for the Bentley, buyers will have to meet certain conditions, such as buying the house at the asking price and completing the purchase within six weeks.

This is not the first time a car has been used as a sweetener for a house purchase. In 2008 UK entrepreneur Rick Hill offered his house for sale with a free Lamborghini supercar.

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Picture from Bentley Motors