A 50-year-old bus driver has died after the folding doors of his bus shut on his neck, trapping him. Darren Morley was discovered by a passing dog walker with body inside the bus, with his head and hands trapped outside.

The bus driver can be seen on the onboard CCTV camera checking a problem with the doors. The doors then closed on him, as he fought to free himself, an inquest has heard. Forensic pathologist, Dr Naomi Carter stated the cause of death as compression of the neck, writes the Daily Mirror.

Carter added that Morley had grazes on his neck, plus bruising to the legs and forearm injuries consistent with being trapped in the doors and struggling to free himself.

Dog walker Amanda Bowdler discovered the Stagecoach bus parked up in a layby near Wigan. ?All the lights were on but the driver wasn’t sitting in his seat and I knew something was wrong?, Bowdler told the coroner’s court.

?I went past and doubled back and that’s when I saw Mr Morley trapped in the doors of the bus. He showed no signs of life?, continued Bowdler. Following this she flagged down a passing lorry driver: ?He felt Mr Morley’s neck and though he was dead.?

CCTV footage, which jurors at Bolton Coroner’s Court are yet to see, shows only one of the doors closing after the last passenger got off the bus on October 9 last year. Father of four Morley saw the doors weren’t working correctly and left his cab to investigate.

The bus driver has been described as a devoted father by his partner Angela Connor in a statement read out by the coroner, states the Daily Mirror. Connor adds that Morley was happy and family oriented, doing ?whatever needed to provide for them financially and emotionally.?

?Darren will be missed by all who came to know him, especially me, his children, his family and his friends?, added Mrs Connor. The inquest continues.

Daljinder Nagra


July 23, 2014

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