More than a dozen cars were crushed after a burst water pipe flooded an underground car park.

The bizarre incident took place in Crayford, south-east London on Sunday. Flood water rose several feet in the newly-built car park.

Polystyrene insulation under the floor appeared to either float on the water or swell under saturation, pushing cars into the concrete ceiling above.

A number of vehicles were lifted with such force that their roofs crumpled under the pressure. Residents had been told that cars could not be moved as there was a risk of a gas explosion.

Between 12 and 16 cars suffered damage in the incident. The BBC reports that one owner was told her car was a write off and that it may not be covered by her insurance.

Sadia Farzana Chitra, 42, said: "My car is crushed, the roof is gone.

"We were told we cannot move it because there is a possibility with the pressure of the car there could be a blast because of the gas inside.”

A spokesman for Gallions Housing Association, which manages the car park, told the Evening Standard: "All Gallions residents are safe, have clean water and there has been no water ingress into anyone's home.

"Water has damaged some cars in the car park in the basement, and Thames Water have advised that they will have officers based at the library tomorrow [Monday] to get all of the details from those affected.”

Image courtesy of @paulwood1961 / Twitter.