The Bugatti Veyron has been named the greatest car of the last two decades by readers of BBC Top Gear magazine.

In an online poll of more than 100,000 readers, the former fastest production car in the world took the accolade, with voters bowled over by the sheer engineering hammer-blow the car represents.

Indeed, the Veyron is seen as something of a ‘Concorde moment’, the likes of which, in the face of increasing environmental legislation and fuel concerns, we are unlikely to see again.

Of course, Bugatti still holds the production car speed record, with their more powerful and aerodynamically modified Veyron Super Sport, which was created to steal the crown back from the American SSC Ultimate back in 2007.

Given Top Gear’s petrol head audience, it is perhaps unsurprising to see the rest of the top-ten greatest car list dominated by performance cars. There were a few surprises, however, with the everyman VW Golf GTI beating the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Ferrari 458 into third and fourth place respectively.

In fifth was the Porsche Boxster, praised for its sublime handling, premium image and overall quality.

The rep-special BMW 320d also snuck into the top-ten, with a respectable seventh place ranking.

In contrast to the Bugatti, a similar survey recently conducted by Auto Express magazine saw the humble Ford Focus take the top spot, with reader praising its value, practicality and reliability.

Given the rarity of the Veyron, very few are offered for sale second-hand. You can however browse our listings for a used Ford Focus here.

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