More than 12 million drivers receive penalty notices every year, which works out at one every 2.5 seconds.

The research by the RAC foundation reveals that eight million of the fines were issued by local authorities for illegal parking, 2.5 million for using a bus lane or box junction, half a million for late licensing and insurance penalties, and one million for speeding and red-light fines.

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding said: “To maintain its legitimacy, automatic enforcement must be viewed by the public as proportionate.

“While wrongdoing should be punished and not excused, a decline in front-line policing risks an imbalanced approach to enforcement.

“Millions of motorists are being caught by camera, often for arguably minor misdemeanours, whilst more serious and harmful behaviour goes undetected.”

The report looks at data collected from 2015 and 2016. Costs for fines during this period are estimated to have cost Brits around £840 million, according to criminologist Dr Adam Snow.

Dr Snow told the Telegraph that he also estimates that a staggering £371 million of that amount was made from parking and traffic fines in London alone.

One of the notorious hotspots is a box junction that sits between New Kings Road and Bagley’s Lane in Fulham. Last year it is estimated to have racked in £5 million in fines and has been dubbed a “moneybox” by motorists.

Tory MP Julian Knight said: “These figures are alarming. No-one can disagree with motorists being penalised for speeding and illegal parking but these numbers suggest punishment on a wholly disproportionate scale.”

Aidan Rennie-Jones


October 25, 2017

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