It may not be the most likely vehicle to conceal a towering futuristic robot, but British artist Hetain Patel has picked a humble F-reg Ford Fiesta as the base for his first sculpture, a squatting ‘Transformer’.

The ambitious project was three months in the making, with Hetain receiving a helping hand from his father and brother, who have experience converting regular cars into hearses.

The rear wheels have been turned into feet and the doors have been cut in half to form the creation’s long arms.

Hetain purposefully chose the 1988 Fiesta as it is the model he first drove at 17, and one that had remained in the family, being passed down between the generations.

The artist claims the work is more than just a reference to popular culture, and says it reflects his identity as the son of an Indian immigrant, exploring issues such as class, immigration and family.

The Transformer’s squatting position was also chosen deliberately. On his website, Hetain writes: “Unlike the popular toys and films, however, the car here is not a high-powered sports car or truck transformed into a powerful warrior, but rather a small, inexpensive Ford Fiesta transformed into a human, calmly squatting.

“This posture is a recurring image in my work and forges a link between the lower classes in India and my immigrant family in the UK, both of whom sit comfortably this way.

“Naturally this introduces a tension in this sculpture between the seemingly submissive nature of the squat and, in this case, its oddly larger than life scale.”

The Ford Fiesta Transformer has since been moved to France, where it will be displayed at the Galleria Continua until December 22.

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Pictures: Hetain Patel

Daljinder Nagra


October 21, 2013

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