A survey of UK motorists’ self-confessed driving convictions has uncovered new information about who tends to break the rules of the road, and who doesn’t.

For instance, Middlesex was found to have the safest drivers in the UK, with just 0.68 per cent of the population declaring they have a driving conviction. On the other hand, Surrey was found to have the most driving-related convictions of all UK regions – 83,320 to be exact, or 7.03 per cent of the population of the county.

The research, conducted by insurance comparison site Compare the Market, used data from driving convictions on people’s insurance quotes, with nearly 2.5m driving convictions being taken into account.

The study also found that speeding made up 53.3 per cent of driving convictions, followed by exceeding motorway limits at 10 per cent. Some of the less frequent offences include driving not in accordance with a licence (1.12 per cent) and driving without due care and attention (2.07 per cent).

In addition, men were discovered to be twice as likely to receive driving charges than women – this causes women to have lower car insurance prices and quotes. In terms of using a mobile phone behind the wheel, 1.5 per cent of men claimed they’d been charged with it, while just 0.8 per cent of women said the same thing.

Another demographic found to be twice as likely to receive a driving conviction compared to another is surprising – 25-40-year-olds are twice as likely to be given motoring-related charges than under 25s.

Out of all 25-40-year-olds in the survey, 46 per cent admitted to having a driving conviction, compared to 23 per cent of under 25s.