Britain’s busiest speed camera has been revealed to be a unit on the A1 Western Bypass between Newcastle and Gateshead, thanks to research by car insurance provider LV.

Last year, this speed camera issued 9,392 speeding tickets – more than any other in the UK. The whopping number of drivers caught over the limit generated an estimated £300,544 in speeding fines over the course of 2013.

LV also revealed the other hardest working speed cameras in the country, including one situated on the M60 junction 25 in Greater Manchester, which caught 9,326 drivers in 2013. Others include one on the A14 Newmarket in Suffolk, which issued 8,964 penalties and another on the A13 Thames Gateway in London, which caught 8,002 speeders.


Drivers were caught speeding by a single safety camera in 2013

It is estimated now that there is a fixed or mobile camera in operation for every 67 miles of British roads, on an average day.

One in seven drivers have been caught speeding and 22 per cent of these have been caught more than once. Of those with more than one speeding offence against their name, nearly half were caught at the same location both times.

Police statistics have revealed that the number of drivers being prosecuted for speeding has risen slightly over the past 12 months.

This increase in speeding offences has partly been blamed on local authorities, 88 per cent of which made major changes to speed limits in their areas – something which has caught some motorists out.

John O’Roarke, managing director of LV car insurance, commented: “It’s important that drivers always concentrate on the road so they can spot any new road signs, changes in speed limits, and are aware of what the other motorists are doing.”

Have you been caught speeding more than once at the same location? Have you fallen foul of changed speed limits in your area? Have your say below.

Author: Shazmeen Begum

Picture: Fotolia

Daljinder Nagra


July 4, 2014

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