On a Friday afternoon when there’s nothing more productive to do at work, office attention tends to drift towards the old ‘tube. With that in mind, and because we are obsessed with cars, we present our favourite music videos about cars, and, er, driving cars.

Gary Numan – Cars Perversely, the headstrong godfather of goth wrote this number one UK single, released in 1979, with every intention of writing a hit pop song. Not what you would expect from a tortured soul who lived with his parents at the time of writing!

Alexei Sayle – ‘Ello John! Got a New Motor At the second time of asking following his break into mainstream comedy and acting, Alexei Sayle’s love song to the automobile sales trade broke the top twenty, reaching number 14 in February 1984. The performer has since dubbed it “the only Top 20 record to mention tropical fish and Peckham” – making it a truly one of a kind track.

Madness – Driving in My Car Tenuous link time: Madness frontman Suggs revived the Alexei Sayle track with a twist for an ad campaign for Toshiba in 2005. Suggs’ group Madness also hold some knowledge of the car trade themselves, as their UK top 5 hit from 1982 will testify. It was later used on a Japanese TV advert for Honda, along with another hit single “In The City”.

The Cars – Drive “Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?” asked the despairing voice of the late Ben Orr, who served as the bass player in the Cars, of a woman whose life he foresaw ending in tragedy. Not enough for the girl from the video to end up marrying Cars singer/songwriter Ric Ocasek, though. Would you let this man drive you home?

War – Low Rider By far the coolest track on today’s list, this effort from the American funk band reached number one on the US Billboard Hot Soul chart in late 1975. If you’re ever curious to know how best to utilise bagpipes in a funk song, check out the cover by Korn.