High-end cars have always been a popular choice with car criminals, but one model has topped the UK’s most stolen car list for the sixth year in a row – the BMW X5. This upmarket 4×4 has been stolen and recovered more than any other car, according to tracking device manufacturer Tracker, which works with police to recover stolen vehicles.

With prices ranging from from £43,000 to £90,000, the X5 is one of BMW’s most expensive models. Other cars preferred by thieves are similarly upmarket, with another BMW, four Mercedes, two Range Rovers, a Land Rover and an Audi finishing in the top 10.

The second most stolen model is the Mercedes C-Class, followed by its larger sibling, the E-Class in fourth position. Taking up ninth and tenth spots in the league are the ML off-roader and Mercedes’ rapid sports saloon the C63 AMG.

Prices for the BMW X5 stand from around £43,000 to more than £90,000.

Coming third is the Range Rover Sport with Land Rover’s Discovery following in fifth position. Range Rovers have long been a favourite with car criminals and theft rates have been so high that police in some parts of London have been stopping all Range Rovers to check the identity of the person behind the wheel.

In sixth spot is another BMW – the high-performance M3 – while its rival the Audi RS4 sits in eighth spot. These figures may only apply to models fitted with tracking systems, but they give an indication that high-end and performance models sit high on the wish lists of car thieves. Porsche, however, has fallen out of the top 10 list from last year.

Worrying more than 40 per cent of thefts reported to Tracker last year involved gangs stealing cars to order and nabbing them using cranes and low-loader lorries. Unsurprisingly, car owners are urged to keep their car keys hidden.

Picture: BMW

Chris Lloyd


March 12, 2015