BMW is introducing a new scheme that will reward drivers of its plug-in hybrids the more they plug them in.

BMW Points is being introduced to drivers of the brand’s latest plug-in hybrids using the brand’s latest Operating System 7.0 – including the 330e, 530e, 545e, 745e, X3 xDrive30e and X5 xDrive45e. With all of these models able to travel for at least 25 miles on electricity when fully charged, drivers would soon be able to rack up points that are exchanged into charging credits.

The scheme works through a dedicated BMW Points tab within the brand’s app, which drivers must be signed up to, to benefit from. For every mile driven on electricity they will get two points, while in the brand’s dedicated ‘eDrive Zones’ – essentially areas in cities with high pollution that are geofenced, and where the car will automatically switch to electric driving upon entering – they’ll get four points.

These eDrive Zones include London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bath and Manchester.

A bonus 20 points will be rewarded for every time a car is plugged in for more than 15 minutes, while if a driver charges their car 20 times per month they’ll receive 500 points.

Once 3,200 points are collected, they will be rewarded with £10 charging credit to use across the brand’s network. At 7,500 points, that will increase to £25, while at 14,500 points it equates to £50 of credit.