Ask anyone to place a bet on what would complete a Bridge to Gantry lap at Germany’s infamous Nurburgring quickest – a Nissan GT-R with upwards of 620bhp or fairly standard BMW M3 with its 414bhp – and we would be shocked if anyone slapped a note on the latter.

But this video, captured on a dash-mounted camera, documents the tense tussle between the aforementioned models as they do battle around the 12-mile course during a particularly busy session.

Initially, the mighty Nissan GT-R with its engine modification and flaming exhausts (cool!) manages to pull away, leaving the BMW M3 to fight through the crowd of slow hatchbacks and family saloons.

But once the track clears up a bit and the corners get more challenging, the M3 comes storming back and sticks to the GT-R’s tail like superglue. Every time the GT-R looks as if it is about to make its escape, the BMW driver reaches into his or her bag of tricks and manages to pull it back.

The riveting race takes 7 minutes and 57 seconds to complete but both drivers should walk away with a swollen sense of pride. The cars came away unscathed and that lap time is pretty impressive.

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Leon Poultney


November 1, 2013

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