The Bloodhound LSR team has today managed to get their car up to 334mph on the Hakskeenpan desert drag strip – the highest speed it’s ever hit.

Three ‘run profiles’ have been completed. The first starting at 100mph, then building to 200mph, before hitting that previously mentioned figure of 334mph.

The car, powered by a Eurofighter Typhoon EJ200 jet engine, got from 50 to 300mph in just 13 seconds.

Andy Green, Bloodhound driver and current World Land Speed Record holder, said: “We’re happy because this was a successful test, now we’re ready to progress on to higher speeds.”

But it’s not all been plain sailing, as Bloodhound revealed the team have faced a number of challenges along the way, such as issues with the engine. That said, the team were able to overcome the obstacles while gathering data and finding the limits of what the car can achieve.

Green added: “There was strong cross wind gusting at over 15mph, and we’ve established this is pretty much the limit for running the car.”

Bloodhound LSR CEO Ian Warhurst said: “I’ve been impressed with the tenacity of the team to work through a challenging week of testing. With all those issues resolved it’s exciting to be moving into the high-speed phase of the testing.

“Witnessing Bloodhound blasting from 50mph to 300mph in 13 seconds and on to 334mph was jaw dropping. British engineering at its finest.”