Birmingham has topped a study looking into the most ‘crash for cash’-prone postcodes in England.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) conducted the study and found that Birmingham had 10 of the 30 top postcodes in the UK that are worst for the scams that see collisions staged with unsuspecting drivers.

The areas included Washwood Heath, Aston and Small Heath, according to the BBC.

Insurance company Aviva also said that in 2016 alone more than 25 per cent of its 3,000 ‘crash for cash’ claims took place in Birmingham. The city took the title of most notorious for ‘crash for cash’ fraud then too.

Other areas of England that featured on the list included Manchester, Bradford, London and Oldham.

IFB director Ben Fletcher said: “We don’t know the exact reason Birmingham features so heavily in these surveys.

“Obviously, this is a nationwide problem and we have investigations that range from Kent to the north east, but large urban areas tend to be the focal points for these kind of crimes.”

Over the past year data has been collected that shows a staggering 55,573 injury claims linked to the scam. This is estimated to cost the motor insurance industry more than £340 million per annum.

The IFB has also issued advice on how to spot if you have been a victim of crash for cash.

• The other motorist involved in the crash seems oddly calm
• They have their insurance details already written down
• Their claimed injuries don’t tally up with the force of the impact

It says that if you do feel you’ve been a victim, then note everything you can down and all the details you can remember of the accident.

Better still, if you have a dashcam fitted in your vehicle, always remember to report the footage to the police. This will act as evidence against the other driver should you suspect foul play.