Whether they were notable for outshining their superior performance or whether they let their driver shine, this is the Motors.co.uk team’s top tv cars of all time.

1963 Volkswagen Beetle

Where It’s From: The Herbie series [1969, 1974, 1977, 1980, 2005] film. This is one of our favourite old school motors.

Accessorised with two red and blue racing stripes and ‘53’ painted on the hood, doors, and boot.

Not just a car, but a car that is capable of driving its self, and having a personality! Don’t underestimate this small motor, installed with a Porsche 356 engine, making it pack a punch.

1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM

Where It’s From: Knight Rider [1982-1986] television series.

KITT, who was voiced by William Daniels kept David Hasslehoff company on one of his many adventures on Knight Rider.

Not only could KITT see, hear and smell, KITT was always there to save the day with Hasslehoff when he got into tricky situations.

1979 Ferrari 308 GTS

Where It’s From: Magnum PI [1980-1988] television series.

The mid-engine Ferrari which featured in the hugely popular show, coupled with an amazing story line made for an entertaining watch!

The knock on effect of the show was the huge surge in sales of Ferrari during the 1980’s.

1983 GMC Vandura [G-1500]

Where It’s From: The A-Team [1983-1987] television series.

No this isn’t your average people carrier that you see yummy mummies dropping the kids off to school with. The A-Team’s 350 c.i. V8 van came equipped with an army of weaponry, which we doubt came as standard.