When you’re part of the rat race and commute every day, you need a decent car to make the daily journey easier. Lots of cars are out there willing and able to oblige, too, from the trusty Ford Focus St through to the eco-friendly Nissan LEAF. They all shoo the dread of the commute out of your mind and turn the experience into a pleasure. Just load up your favourite playlist, start the engine and crack on.

What kind of things do you want from a commuter car?

If you’re going to be out on the road for long periods of time, your car’s got to be comfortable.
Ideally, you also want to arrive today, not tomorrow, so the car should have decent acceleration, rather than feel as if time stands still whenever you start driving.
Ultimately, you want to enjoy the drive. If the car leaves your personal finances relatively intact, that’s another box to tick off.

The best cars for a long commute

Now we’ve covered the essentials, let’s get down to the nitty gritty and see what vehicles will serve you well for commuting. We start with the ever reliable Ford Focus ST.