As the cutting edge of technology continues to dig into almost all aspects of our day-to-day lives, it’s in developers’ best financial interests to ensure they’re making gadgets which make life easier for all of us. Car journeys are no exception; from telematics to televisions, there’s something on offer for every driver. Here are a few examples of the very best products that the boffins have to offer.

A ‘black box’

One of the latest ways in which young drivers can ensure a fair premium for their car insurance is to fit a telematics box – usually nicknamed a black box like those found on planes, although these are mainly used in the event of a crash; something which wouldn’t fill one’s passengers with confidence!

The telematics box records information about the way you drive – your average speeds, hard accelerations and braking – and relays it to your insurance provider. If the data given indicates that you are a safe driver, one who doesn’t overdo it during a typical journey, you’ll be rewarded with lower premiums in the next three months – surely incentive enough for anyone to consider having one installed.

Mounted video camera

In the same vein as the black box comes another, albeit slightly intrusive, way to protect your premium in the event of an accident and any subsequent disagreements arising. Models like the Roadhawk DC-1 and the GoPro HD Hero2 are small, mountable cameras which record video and audio of your journeys and, in the event of a crash, will prove vital in the apportion of blame when it comes to settling up with insurance providers.

Night Vision

Most notably in the BMW 5-series, the added feature of night vision on a nav screen is invaluable for driving through below-average conditions in the dark; with a range over 300 yards, the front-mounted infrared camera will show up most obstacles – human, animal or inanimate – making for a much less nervy drive on a spookily quiet night drive through the woods.

Rechargeable Torch

A godsend for any driver, whether they need to find a particular part under the bonnet or just a packet of sweets that have fallen into the footwell (not while driving of course!), a torch that can plug into the cigarette lighter to recharge is one of the most convenient gadgets which drivers can have to hand.

DVD player

And finally, for the restless passengers in the backseat, a feature in the more upmarket cars that’s sure to keep them occupied; screens mounted in the rear of the headrests of the driver and front passengers which are hooked up to a DVD player. They provide surprisingly good picture and sound, but might be an annoyance to some, and a medical worry to anyone who suffers from travel sickness!