Luxury SUVs combine stylish looks with an upmarket interior bedecked in the finest cabin materials, along with spacious seating areas and useful practicality. They offer refinement and a quiet and smooth ride, juggling high-tech safety kit and affluent equipment designed to increase the enjoyment of the journey – all this, in addition to an engaging and comfortable driving experience, often for on and off the road. In short, luxurious SUVs go above and beyond most other cars.  


Before settling on an SUV, it’s a good idea to take a moment to access your needs to see whether the car is a right fit for you. If you have a large or growing family, then a seven-seater may be the one to consider. If you’re a sports enthusiast with lots of equipment, then consider the practicality of the boot (and whether it’ll carry your golf clubs). Similarly, if you like wild off-road adventures check whether the car is capable for the purpose – not all 4x4s suit going off the beaten track. Having said that, the cars on this list all offer: 

  • An elevated ride height with a commanding view of the road  
  • Excellent safety ratings with high-tech driver assists 
  • Incredibly plush interiors with high-levels of comfort 
  • Top of the range technology and equipment 
  • A cabin well-suited to families of all sizes 
  • Elegant and sophisticated SUV looks 
  • Spacious dimensions  

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All of the cars on this list scored an impressive five stars out of five in Euro NCAP safety tests, with the exception of the Range Rover Sport and BMW X7, which are yet to be tested. However, both SUVs come with lots of safety equipment, similar to others in their range, like the Range Rover Velar and BMW X5 (respectively), both of which scored a full five stars. Please, read on to discover our top 10 most luxurious SUVs. 


With incredibly stylish looks and a wide range of abilities, the Range Rover Sport offers a luxurious ride whether on the road or off. And typical of a Land Rover car, it is a very capable off-roader able to tackle whatever tough terrain is thrown its way. It’s also fantastic on the tarmac with dynamic handling for an engaging driver’s experience. Inside, the cabin more than meets the expectations set by the car’s price tag, lined with top quality materials and rich leather upholstery.

It is very plush and appealing to the eye and, of course, very comfortable. It also comes with heated seats as standard for extra cosiness, as well as 20-inch alloy wheels, xenon headlights, lane departure warning, keyless entry, and a reversing camera. And for larger families, the Range Rover Sport is available as a seven seater. 

Best features:

  • Excellent on and off roader 
  • Dynamic handling 
  • Plush and comfortable cabin 

Used prices from £2,400 


Land Rover takes the two top spots in the most luxurious SUV category, with the brilliant Discovery in second placeWhen it comes to practicality and luxury few can keep a pace with this car, in fact, it’s one of the most practical vehicles on the market. The Discovery has generous boot space and it is a genuine seven-seater with enough room for adults to sit comfortably in all three rows. And comfort is a speciality of the car, with the cabin laid with first-rate materials and air suspension to soften road bumps for a smooth and relaxing drive.

It’s incredibly quiet in the cabin too, for a greater sense of refinement. It makes for a great cruiser, proving peaceful and enjoyable. Furthermore, it can handle the harshest environments just like the Range Rover Sport, offering you a luxurious journey whether on tarmac or mud. 

Best features:

  • Genuine 7-seater 
  • Very comfortable  
  • Very practical  

Used prices from £2,000 


Another SUV that is capable on and off the tarmac, the Porsche Cayenne is a beautiful looking car with one of the most high-quality interiors, lined with expensive leathers. It offers a fantastic driving position and a very quiet cabin for greater comfort and refinement. There is an extensive options list too, allowing you to increase the levels of luxury for you and your passengers, including a rear seat entertainment package with TV screens integrated into the front headrests.

And as you’d expect from Porsche, the car is great to drive with power to call on when you need it. Although it must be noted, the latest Cayenne has pared back its dynamic and sporty edge for increased levels of comfort. And we think it’s all the better for it. 

Best features:

  • Premium interior quality  
  • Comfortable and refined 
  • Great to drive 

Used prices from £25,000 

4. AUDI Q7

The stylish Audi Q7 is a seven-seater SUV that offers unrivalled build quality and practicality at this price point. The spacious cabin is lined with plush materials and lots of leather, or, in the top-spec models, smooth Alcantara. It is a lovely, well-appointed interior, one that is very comfortable and refined, although, as with many seven-seaters, the third row is best reserved for shorter journeys or children. For increased comfort, adaptive air suspension brings an even gentler ride experience for added luxury.

When it comes to driving, the Q7 is surprisingly agile, especially considering its size. Plus it comes with a selection of powerful diesel engines for extra enjoyment. Overall, when it comes to large premium SUVs, the Audi Q7 is one of the best. 

Best features:

  • Very practical and spacious 
  • Comfortable, plush cabin 
  • Excellent build quality  

Prices start from £28,000 


One of the safest cars on the market, the Volvo XC90 is also one of the few genuine seven-seaters that will comfortably sit adults in the third row. Throughout the high-quality cabin it is supremely comfortable, enjoying a nice finish with upmarket materials and a clutter-free layout for ease of use. It offers a refined ride experience for easy going long journeys, and, like the Q7, the XC90 is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre.

It’s also aided by useful sensors and cameras, which add to the sense of refinement, as well as to the car’s safety. It is a very practical SUV with a huge boot too, even with all the seats in place. Whilst it might not be the most luxurious car on this list, it is an impressive SUV that’s worth considering for its high-levels of comfort and space alone.  

Best features:

  • Incredibly safe 
  • Very comfortable  
  • Quality interior 

Used prices from £1,125 

6. BMW X7

Offering a well-rounded driving experience and high-levels of practicality, the BMW X7 is another seven-seater that will comfortable sit tall adults in the third row. Despite its fairly simple (yet still elegant) styling on the outside, inside the X7 is a work of true craftsmanship with a beautiful layout and lots of high-quality materials for a premium, upmarket feel. Suitably high-tech and luxurious options include massage seats, BMW ‘Laserlight’ headlights, and an excellent surround sound system.

It also comes well-equipped as standard with front and rear heated seats, front and rear parking sensors, a host of cameras, and a useful self-parking system. It is, quite simply, the ultimate BMW SUV, standing way above the rest in terms of luxury, comfort, and equipment. It’s also surprisingly entertaining to drive for such a large seven-seater. 

Best features:

  • Well-rounded  
  • Very spacious and comfy 
  • Highly practical  

Used prices from £59,000 


The Mercedes-Benz GLE looks classy from the outset and moving inside only increases the appeal, with a suitably expensive finish to the cabin and lots of soft materials, as well as optional wood and leather trims. It’s nice and roomy too, with plenty of head and legroom, and comfortable, body hugging seats. There’s the option of adding a third row and, handily, six-way electric adjustments to the second-row of seats. 

For increased refinement, the entry-level variant is well-equipped as standard with a fancy infotainment system, a self-parking system, comfy leather seats, wireless phone charging, and cruise control. Seven-seater models also come with four-zone climate control to keep everyone snug and happy. On the road, it provides a quiet and refined driving experience with light handling for tight manoeuvres. 

Best features:

  • Classy exterior 
  • Plush interior 
  • Highly refined 

Used prices from £20,000 


With eye-catching looks and a fashionable interior, the Range Rover Velar might just be the most stylish SUV on the market. And if you opt for a top spec model, it’s also one of the most luxurious, adding 20-way electrically adjustable seats (to get the perfect position for you), with in-built heating, cooling, and massaging – perfect for a relaxing drive. 

Standard equipment also includes front and rear parking sensors, a rear parking camera, autonomous emergency braking, and heated front seats for added cosiness. Yet despite its luxurious underpinnings, Land Rover hasn’t forgotten its roots. The Velar is still a lot of fun to drive on and off the road, with a list of terrain assists to tackle the toughest landscapes, from Terrain Response, to hill decent control. 

Best features:

  • Very stylish 
  • Fashionable cabin 
  • Capable off-roader 

Used prices from  £32,000 

9. BMW X5

In production since 1999, the BMW X5 is the German brand’s first foray into SUVs and in typical BMW fashion, the company nailed it in their first attempt becoming one of the central players in the luxury SUV market. Whilst the exterior is a little plain and typical of the class, on the inside, the X5 enjoys that unmistakable BMW finish.

The cabin is very luxurious finished with top quality materials and a keen eye for the smallest detail, which includes metal surfaces and clever finishes in parts you wouldn’t normally expect. For the driver, you get a very comfortable car aided by air suspension, which is fitted as standard for a super-smooth ride experience that will dampen uneven road surfaces. It’s also good to handle, with a range of engines from the easy going to the high powered.  

Best features:

  • Luxurious cabin 
  • Smooth ride  
  • Good handling 

Used prices from £1,100 


When it comes to luxury in a small compact SUV, few come close to the Porsche Macan, which may just be the best car in its class. It certainly offers one of the best driving experiences, along with a comfortable cabin finished in high-quality materials. You can add extra layers of refinement with optional leather upgrades too.

As standard, the Macan comes with handy front and rear parking sensors, with useful rear-view and surround-view cameras available as options. But it’s not in equipment or the top quality cabin that the Porsche Macan excels, it is in the superb handling, the punchy performance, and the sheer enjoyment which is tantamount to luxury compared to other SUVs.  

Best features:

  • Excellent to drive 
  • Refined and spacious 
  • Prestigious brand 

Used prices from £24,000 

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