Designed for driving thrills and high-performance speeds, sports cars offer the ultimate driver’s experience. To own one is to own a slice of motoring joy, one that can offer endless days of fun. And that’s what the best sports cars are all about, how big of a grin can they put on your face?   


When you’ve purchased a fast sports car, what next? Well, undoubtedly, you’ll want to see what it can do, but first it’s important to take some time to get used to the vehicle, particularly if this is your first time driving a sports car. Take it for an easy drive on a long road and, when you’re confident, find those country lanes that snake and bend. When you’re ready, make the most out of the car and: 

  • Book a track day to put the car through its paces to see what it can really do. 
  • Take part in an organised hill climbing event and compete with other drivers. 
  • Join an owner’s club and share your passion for the car, get tips and insider knowledge and learn about upcoming events. 

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This list is not just about accelerating speeds or how fast a car can go, as any sports car driver knows, to be a frontrunner is to juggle handling, performance, ride quality, and the sheer driving pleasure the vehicle provides. Often being the best at going fast, does not mean being the fastest… Please, read on to discover our top 10 best fast sports cars.  

1. PORSCHE 911

The legendary Porsche 911 has long been a favourite amongst sports car enthusiasts and it is easy to see why. The 911 has incredible performance, iconic looks, and, unlike other cars on this list, a degree of refinement and subtlety. It is not all about performance or how fast it can go, but the driver’s experience.

It is an accessible car for everyday use, comfortable for long journeys, and an engaging sports car. The 911 remains, arguably, without a true rival on its level. Of course, if you are looking for performance, the 911 does not disappoint. For the ultimate in performance, opt for the Turbo S model with a top speed of 205mph and lightning acceleration of 0-62mph in just 2.6 seconds. 

Best features:

  • Iconic looks 
  • Refined and subtle 
  • Incredible performance 


2. ALPINE A110

If you are looking for a fast sports car that separates you from the crowd, the Alpine A110 is a car for the discerning driver. Surprisingly, it is not one of the fastest models in this top 10 list of the best fast sports cars. In fact, it’s one of the slowest, comparatively, doing 0-60mph in around 4.5 seconds and with an approximate top speed of 160mph. Yet the Alpine A110 understands faster is not better. And it is here the car excels.

It is seriously light and nippy, and a true joy to drive. It offers a pared-back and pure driving experience, flowing around corners with ease. In short, it nails the perfect balance that lesser sports cars can only dream about, enjoying an ideal harmony between control and power. It is a sports car that brings confidence to the driver, letting you feel in command of the car and the road. Of course, if you do want more performance, there is the range-topping Alpine A110 S to consider, which increases the car’s power without dampening the aforementioned qualities of the vehicle. 

Best features:

  • Perfectly balanced  
  • Great fun to drive 
  • Light and agile 



With sleek and sporty looks, the Nissan GT-R certainly looks the part of a sports car, but underneath its exterior it has engineering worthy of a supercar, with nail-biting performance and superfast speeds. It’ll do 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds and with an amazing top speed of 195.7mph. But being one of the best sports cars isn’t just about being fast, it needs to have the right balance of handling and a cabin environment to match. And the GT-R ticks those boxes too, with light and agile steering, and a luxurious cabin with improved sound dampening. The car comes with an array of driver assist systems too, for added safety and to help control the beast within. 

Best features:

  • Incredible performance 
  • Luxurious cabin 
  • Light and agile handling 



The latest Mazda MX-5 is even better looking, lighter, and more spacious, delivering the kind of fun you’d expect from a sports car, but delivering it without an exotic price tag. Unsurprisingly, the MX-5 has gained a strong following over the years, thanks to its great performance and affordable starting price. Not to mention the fact that the MX-5 is incredibly fun to drive.

The car offers outstanding value for money and ticks all of the right sports car boxes: it is nimble and well-balanced, it offers an engaging drive at all times, and has a spirited playfulness and character that is decidedly its own. The range topping model will do 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 137mph. Whilst the numbers on paper don’t look as impressive as others on this top 10 list of the best fast sports cars, the MX-5 in real-world practice speaks volumes for itself. 

Best features:

  • Outstanding value for money 
  • Incredibly fun to drive 
  • Nimble and well-balanced 



One look at the McLaren 570S, with its highly streamlined and sporty exterior, and you’d be easily forgiven for thinking this is a powerful supercar. Take a peek at its statistics (0-62mph in 3.2 seconds, with a top speed of 204mph) and you’d still be forgiven that it’s a supercar. Yet McLaren insist that it is a sports car, the likes to rival the mighty Porsche 911. It has an ultra-light one-piece carbon fibre chassis and an incredible weight to power ratio, which helps it achieve those impressive statistics.

Superbly nimble and responsive, the McLaren 570S offers a thrilling and engaging drive experience both on and off the track. As to whether it is a supercar in (loosely worn) sports clothing, well that’s a debate for sports enthusiasts to sink their teeth into.  

Best features:

  • Incredible weight to power ratio 
  • Superbly nimble and responsive 
  • Ultra-light and powerful 


6. AUDI R8

Like the McLaren 570S, the Audi R8 is another high-performance vehicle that straddles the fine line between a sports car and a supercar. The top of the range model churns out an impressive 0-62mph in only 3.1 seconds and offers a hair-raising max speed of 205mph.

Visually the R8 is stunning and, from a driver’s point of view, it is arguably the best driver’s car Audi have made, and that’s quite a statement. The R8 grips the road, bites into the corners with deft handling, and offers exhilarating power when you need it. Additionally, it is a class-leader with its spacious, high-quality cabin. Simply put, the Audi R8 offers a complete sports car package. 

Best features:

  • Exhilaratingly powerful 
  • Stunning exterior 
  • Spacious, high-quality cabin 



The latest Jaguar F-Type has gone out of its way to become a challenger to the likes of the Porsche 911. With freshly refined looks, improved cabin quality, and a range of turbocharged engines to choose from, the car is more assertive than ever.

It has distinguished appeal and a streamlined quality to its style, the handling is precise, and the interior carries the hallmarks of quality (and nods to Jaguar’s illustrious history) that you’d expect from the leading brand. The flagship model at the highest specification can do some impressive number crunching too, with a 0-60 speed of just 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 186mph. 

Best features:

  • Distinguished styling 
  • Precise handling  
  • Great cabin quality 



Reviving the long-dormant, yet iconic Supra name, the Toyota GR Supra is the result of a partnership between the Japanese manufacturer and BMW. In many ways the car is a twin to the BMW Z4, the two sharing much of the same hardware and auto gearbox. And whilst it is easy to spot the many similarities between the two, both cars have their own distinct personalities. What’s refreshing about the Supra is the fact it wasn’t designed for pure speed, but rather for fun (much like the Alpine A110).

The car’s unique calibration, steering, and suspension result in a supple and smooth driving experience. It has a really low centre of gravity, making it agile and nippy around corners and as a driver, you feel involved with the road, like you and the car can read the surface and respond to it with precision. Surprisingly, the Toyota GR Supra is comfortable for long journeys too. And when it needs power it can call on 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds, with an electronically-limited top speed of 155mph. 

Best features:

  • Agile and nippy 
  • Involved driving experience 
  • Comfortable for long journeys 



Blurring the line between a sports car and a Grand Touring car, the Aston Martin DB11 is a very beautiful vehicle that is well-suited to long journeys. It has an opulent cabin that is comfortable and spacious and an excellent ride quality that justifies the comparison to a GT. It is also a lot of fun to drive, particularly on country roads, thanks to its agile handling. And when it comes to the sports side of things, the Aston Martin DB11 lets loose and excels with exceptional power. 

Opt for the massive V12 engine and the DB11 can see an eye-watering top speed of 208mph, hitting 0-60mph in a mere 3.7 seconds. In short, the DB11 offers a big car feel combined with sports performance. 

Best features:

  • Exceptional performance 
  • Agile handling 
  • Opulent and comfortable cabin 



If you are looking for a unique sports car that sets you apart from the competition, then the Caterham Seven is a contender worth considering. Whilst undoubtedly the least practical sports car on this list, the Caterham Seven is an iconic vehicle that harks back to a golden age of motoring, with its stripped back looks and classic design. Gone are all today’s high-tech features and driving aids and in their place a raw and powerful take on motoring. With a Caterham Seven it is just you, the car, and the road.

Incredibly light-weight (at little over 500kg) and with a low centre of gravity, the Seven offers an unrivalled driving experience, with impressive handling and exhilarating performance. It is absurdly fast and utterly entertaining, enhanced by its paired back nature pitting you against the elements. The range topping model boasts 0-60mph in a mere 2.8 seconds and with a top speed of 155mph – speed and power you’ll feel all the more without the comfort of a surrounding cabin.   

Best features:

  • Exhilarating performance 
  • Unrivalled driving experience 
  • Unique and classic design 


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