On a hot day, you can’t beat popping open the sunroof and letting the air, light and an extra feel-good factor flood into your cabin. A panoramic sunroof comes in especially handy on long journeys, creating a sensation of space in your vehicle, and let’s be honest: the style and elegance aren’t a bad little bonus to enjoy either.


On some cars, a panoramic sunroof come as standard. On others, you’ve got to pay a little extra. No matter. Whether you invest in a luxurious Ford Fiesta Vignale, a sporty Peugeot 308 GTi hatchback, a lower-spec Mitsubishi Cross Eclipse SUV or something else, once you call your sunroof into action, you don’t regret it.

This post discusses ten of the best cars with panoramic sunroofs. We kick the list off with those beacons of reliability Ford and their Fiesta Vignale


The luxurious, top-spec Ford Fiesta Vignale allows you to ramp up the cool factor by adding the glass panoramic sunroof to it. Light and air rush in as you slide the front part back and soak up the comfort of the quilted leather seats. On colder days, you can warm your body back up with the heated seats.

The car comes with a choice of 1.0 litre petrol engines that Ford has equipped with 123 to 153 hp (125 to 155 PS) plus torque of 103 to 125 lb ft (140 to 170 Nm), depending on your engine size; or a 1.5 turbo diesel engine with 84 hp (85 PS) and 159 lb ft (215 Nm). Six-speed manual gearboxes occupy the lion’s share of the transmissions.

The Vignale drives wonderfully well, with light steering and a stable body. The ride is comfortable, with the suspension gobbling up the bumps easily. Driver assistance features are standard, allowing you to park with ease and confidence.

Best features:

  • Fun to drive
  • Comfortable interior
  • Driver-assistance features as standard



The Range Rover Evoque spoils you with the choice of a fixed panoramic roof or a sliding one. The sliding one is gorgeous, letting the light and air pour in while you mosey on down in this powerful SUV. Eucalyptus fibre seating joins forces with Windsor leather and premium wool blends to create that luxurious interior we know and love about Range Rovers.

The Evoque starts with a 2 litre engine that houses 163 hp (165 PS), 280 lb ft (380 Nm) of torque and is all-wheel drive with 9-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle drives beautifully, especially over long distances, and has respectable acceleration. It’s stable on the roads, with the suspension helping to keep the body under control as well as ensuring a comfortable ride. Land Rover’s adjustments to the steering fill you with confidence as you turn the corners in this heavy vehicle. Cruise control is standard as is parking assistance, but you’ll have to upgrade to a higher-spec model for additional driver-assistance features.

Best features:

  • Very stable for a big vehicle
  • Luxurious interior
  • Relaxing drive over long distances



The athletically styled E-Class Coupé is a delicious piece of automotive engineering and you’ll find panoramic sunroofs on the AMG line in the Premium Plus trims. Inside, the Night Line edition sports an ARTICO man-made leather and DINAMICA microfibre upholstering, working together with black ash wood trim. Make that Nappa leather in the 4MATIC+ Premium model. It’s going to be a comfortable ride.

Engine sizes range between 2 and 3 litre for diesel and petrol. Mercedes equip their basic spec diesel engine with 194 hp (197 PS), 295 lb ft (Nm) of torque and 9-speed automatic transmission. You’ll get 0 to 62 mph in 7.4 seconds from it. Driving this luxurious coupé is relatively easy: the steering is direct and responsive, so you can manoeuvre the car comfortably and feel safe while the vehicle is moving, and the nigh-on absence of body lends the car a reassuring stability on the road. Driver-assist features such as parking assist, cruise control and more are standard across the line.

Best features:

  • Easy to drive
  • Stable on the road
  • Driver-assistance features as standard



The F-Pace SVR is a high-performance SUV and you can go for a fixed sunroof or for the whole shebang and choose a panoramic one. Inside, the car is spacious, practical and boasts that exclusive Jaguar feel with SVR-branded, perforated Windsor leather seats for a comfortable ride as you coast along. The front seats feature cooling, just in case opening the sunroof doesn’t ease any temperatures. Nice.

The SVR is a powerful number, with a 5 litre petrol engine that whips up 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and 176 mph maximum. On the road, it’s stable but suitably agile, with steering direct and responsive enough to make you feel confident and in control. There’s a little body lean but nothing to overly concern you. The car keeps its composure on the roads and you might only notice a road’s imperfections if you drive around the city. Even then, the ride isn’t uncomfortable. The SVR places plenty of driver-assist and safety functions at your disposal to keep you safe in this beautiful SUV.

Best features:

  • Exclusive feel inside
  • Spacious and practical
  • Powerful



The fixed panoramic glass sunroof on the C4 Cactus from Citroën is optional and contributes to the brand’s focus on advanced comfort. You can bask in the light on seating lined with highly dense foam in the centre and thick foam on the outside for supreme but supportive comfort. Inside, the car is reasonably spacious and has decent load space, which you’d expect of a hatchback.

A basic spec 1.2 litre petrol engine will give you 109 hp (111 PS) and 151 lb ft (250 Nm), whereas the 1.5 litre diesel sacrifices horsepower but gains torque. Comfort-wise, Citroën have been working on the suspension. You’re more likely to feel little imperfections in the road than sleeping policeman. The steering is relatively light, the 6-speed manual gear changes are smooth and the car is generally agile. The car features standard safety and driver-assistance features such as emergency braking systems and parking sensors.

Best features:

  • Overall focus on comfort
  • Agile
  • Good space for easy loading



Get ready to get comfortable in this five-door 308 hatchback from Peugeot. The GT trims come with an optional fixed panoramic sunroof, plus sporty seating which, depending on the model, features a Mistral leather effect and cloth or Alcantara trim and leather. The GTi emblem on the seating, not to mention the bucket seating itself, gives the GTi model a more exclusive feel.

Unless you go for the more powerful GTi engine, the 1.2 litre petrol and the 1.5 litre diesel engine will give you 131 hp (129 PS) and torque of 171 to 221 lb ft . They come with 8-speed automatic transmission for smooth gear changes. Acceleration is around 9.4 to 10 seconds for 0 to 62 mph. The car is sharp but stable on the road and, thanks to some nicely weighted steering, pleasant to drive. It deals with potholes well but feels bumpier bits of road slightly. Connect SOS and assistance, which notifies emergency services if necessary, is standard on GT trims, but you may prefer a non-GT model to add optional driver-assist features.

Best features:

  • Sharp but stable on the road
  • Comfortable inside
  • Exclusive feel on GTi version


7. VOLVO XC90 T8

The sunroof on the luxurious, seven-seater XC90 from Volvo is marvellous. You can fix it or slide it to ventilate the cabin and give it that airy feel. The sunshade reduces the glare on any sunny days and kicks into operation automatically if the temperature reaches 25°C outside. Inside, soft Nappa leather in a choice of colours works with textile or a wool blend to produce über-comfy seating and a plush interior.

The powerful petrol plug-in hybrid T8 engine on this SUV generates 390 hp, 290 lb ft (400 Nm) of torque and 0 to 62 mph in a zippy 5.8 seconds. Transmission: 8-speed automatic for hassle-free shifting between gears. Life behind the wheel is a pleasure, with light but responsive steering and this large vehicle experiences little body roll. The suspension does a reasonable job of absorbing the bumps without the ride itself becoming too bouncy.

All in this, the VXC90 is practical. It has plenty of safety systems and offers lots of load space, with the second row of seats coming down if necessary.

Best features:

  • Stable and agile
  • Highly comfortable seating
  • Sophisticated-looking



The Q5 features an optional panoramic sunroof, which you open from the comfort of the leather front seats. There’s good connectivity so you can integrate your phone and communicate and navigate easier while driving. Meanwhile, you’ll hear hardly a peep from the engine, which delivers 201 hp (204 PS) and 295 lb ft (400 Nm) with classic Audi finesse. That’s a lower spec 2 litre 40 TDI engine, by the way, which comes with all-wheel drive and, to enable smoother gear changes, dual clutch transmission.

The steering is precise, adding agility to the vehicle, and the car grips the roads well. Out on the open road, the Q5 delivers a comfortable ride, but a firmer in urban settings. Cruise control is standard, as are safety features such as airbags and ABS, but you’ll have to upgrade for some parking and city assist functions.

It’s not just luxurious this vehicle; it’s practical and functions neatly as a family vehicle. There’s lots of space, front and back, with three people being able to travel in the back comfortably. Boot space is also respectable and could easily fit in a fold-up pram.

Best features:

  • Good for families
  • Refined engine
  • Good connectivity



Suzuki aren’t messing around with this compact SUV. The panoramic sunroof adds a splash of style to this uncomplicated run-around. The interior is generally simplistic but comfortable, with suede lining the seats; it’s when the cabin tech comes into the equation that the SZ5 ramps up the sophistication with its easy-to-use touchscreen and infotainment system.

A 1.4 litre hybrid engine is your only option in the top spec model, with 6-speed manual transmission and a choice of either two-wheel drive or 4×4. The two-wheel drive is a touch nippier, accelerating in 9.5 seconds from 0 to 62 mph.

Engine considerations aside, this vehicle is enjoyable to drive. The light steering makes it easy to manoeuvre, which the vehicle’s dainty body also facilitates. The car has a surprising amount of grip and the body doesn’t overdo the lean. Despite a firm suspension, the damping enables the car to soak up the bumps and sustain ride comfort.

Space-wise, this five seater is better suited to four people for the most comfortable ride with a car full. It can also handle a decent load, thanks to the folding seats and ample boot space.

Best features:

  • Simple and fun to drive
  • Well designed
  • Good infotainment system



The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is an elegant family SUV and sets the panoramic sunroof ball rolling in the Exceed trim. The interior is down to earth but functional, with comfortable black leather seats, respectable cabin space, sizable boot space and plenty of in-car tech for entertainment while you drive. Mitsubishi have equipped the vehicle with lots of driver-assistance and safety features, adding a layer of reassurance to the drive and not just entertainment.

The basic spec 1.5 litre engine comes with 6-speed manual transmission, delivers 161 hp (163 PS) and 184 lb ft (250 Nm) of torque, and hits 62 mph in somewhere between 9.7 and 10.4 seconds from zero. This is a vehicle in which you cruise, not hammer, because of its bulk and, at everyday pace, it maintains a high level of composure. Although there’s lots of lean, the Eclipse Cross calls on its stability control system to counteract it, so you still feel comfortable on the road. The ride can feel a touch bumpy, too, but going with the smaller 16” alloys, rather than large tyres, could address that.

Best features:

  • Functional interior
  • Good safety features
  • Performs well in the city


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