On a hot day, you can’t beat popping open the sunroof and letting the air, light and an extra feel-good factor flood into your cabin. A panoramic sunroof comes in especially handy on long journeys, creating a sensation of space in your vehicle, and let’s be honest: the style and elegance aren’t a bad little bonus to enjoy either.


On some cars, a panoramic sunroof come as standard. On others, you’ve got to pay a little extra. No matter. Whether you invest in a luxurious Ford Fiesta Vignale, a sporty Peugeot 308 GTi hatchback, a lower-spec Mitsubishi Cross Eclipse SUV or something else, once you call your sunroof into action, you don’t regret it.
This post discusses ten of the best cars with panoramic sunroofs. We kick the list off with those beacons of reliability Ford and their Fiesta Vignale