New figures released this week by the Finance & Leasing Association show that car leasing was up by 10 per cent in 2007 with an increaseof 28 per cent in Personal Contract Purchase.

If you’d like a new car but are unsure if now is the best time to buy, leasing could be the answer.

Motor dealers offer a host of finance options from leasing through to Hire Purchase, offering contract terms which are bespoke to each individual buyer.

Leasing and Personal Contract Purchase allow consumers to be flexible with their cash by generally offering lower monthly payments. The difference between the two options is that Personal Contract Purchase allows you to own your chosen car at the end ofthe contract period, whereas at the end of a lease agreement the car is returned to the dealer.

So, if you want a new or used car this month, visit your local dealership today.

A full range of finance options will be offered with each dealer tailoring a choiceto specifically suit your needs.

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Stephen Jury


February 22, 2008