The rise in fuel has cost bank holiday drivers an extra £110m, according to the AA.

With petrol costs hitting a record high of £1.10 per litre, drivers are feeling the pinch. Diesel motorists have witnessed a 29 per cent climb in petrol prices whilst unleaded drivers have forked out an extra 17 per cent.

Fuel prices are just one of the costs hitting the UK, with many Brits reaching breaking point when faced with the rising cost in mortgages, tax and general living.

Tim Moss, head of debt at price comparison site, advises: "People should start by gathering their paperwork and working out the true scale of their problems. From there they must prioritise bills and pay the essentials such as mortgage or rent and utility bills first. Non-essential items such as magazine subscriptions and pay-TV might have to be sacrificed.

It has emerged this week that if fuel prices continue to rise at the current rate, two-thirds of Britons fear they won’t be able to cope.