Here at Motors we love a good survey, and our most recent was on car brand loyalty. We know a lot of people are loyal to fashion or food brands, and will only buy their trainers, baked beans or beauty products from a specific source, but we had an inkling that many people are loyal to specific car brands as well.

Our survey set out to look at which car brands you loved, and which you loathed. We wanted to find out what your aspirations were for your next cars as well as your historical relationship with well-known car brands.

When we asked which car brand you would most like to own next, nearly 14% of those who answered the survey suggested Audi; probably thanks to the function and form of this car, which has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Plus, their models tend to be very fuel efficient; the Audi A1 was noted as one of the most fuel-efficient and upmarket superminis in the What Car? 2012 list. Here on Motors we've got an excellent range of used Audis to choose from.

There were a number of car brands that many of you wouldn’t even think about buying, with 174 of you answering that you’d never consider owning a Skoda. However, relatively high numbers of you mentioned than you’d never think about owning a Kia, Landrover or Fiat, which suggests that certain cars are shunned not for their capability or style, but for the connotations of the sort of people who drive them.

As well as standard car brands, there were quite a number of you who said that the preferred car brand you’d like to own next was in the luxury bracket, including Aston Martin, Lexus, Jaguar, Bugatti and Lamborghini. The greatest number of aspirational ‘next cars’ came from the 45-54 age bracket, where a number of classic American cars were also mentioned, like Chrysler.

It seems as though cars are still an important status symbol for many of us; nearly 200 of you who answered the question had Ford as their first car brand, and over 100 owned a Ford at the time of the survey, so wanting to progress onto a higher-end car brand for your next car seems natural! It’s not surprising either that classic luxury brand cars like Rolls Royce were the favourites of the older age ranges; these brands represent timeless style so why wouldn’t you want to treat yourself when you’re nearing retirement?

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Car Brand Loyalty survey – we’ve got even more interesting statistics to share with you over the next few weeks!