The ultra-rare Aston Martin Vulcan is a thing of dreams.

Built in a limited production run of 24, and costing over £1.7 million, you would expect any owner to cherish the model for years to come.

However, it would appear not. Number 11 is the second model so far to go to auction, less than a year after the vehicle made its debut.

Listed in the catalogue for Mecum’s Monterey sale, which will take place from August 18 – 20, there’s no doubt that the purple supercar will fetch far more than its original price tag.

Boasting a 7.0-litre V12 powerplant that produces 820 horsepower, the track-only Vulcan was developed and built in partnership with Aston Martin’s racing team.

Thanks to their engineering prowess, the model reportedly boasts a higher top speed than Aston Martin’s Le Mans GT3 racer, which equates to well over 200 miles per hour.