You’ve no doubt seen the advertising challenges on The Apprentice where the candidates have to design an ad campaign for toilet paper and they stare at a blank sheet of paper for minutes in silence, trying to think of anything at all to say.

Well spare a thought for the ad men and women who have to get car buyers to choose a Mercedes C-Class rather than the Audi A4 they were planning on buying.

Some car companies play it straight with simple, straightforward ad campaigns that do what they say on the tin. Others however, go crazy with multi-million pound movies aimed at dragging buyers out from competitor showrooms to spend tens of thousands of pounds on their new model.

We’ve rounded up some examples of celeb car adverts to try and work out what was going on in the minds of the ad men and women. Tell us which campaigns grab your attention in the comments section below.

If there’s one car company known for its elaborate ad campaigns, it has to be Jaguar. Jaguar has latched onto the whole James Bond fascination that erupted when Daniel Craig became 007, as if their existence depended up on it.

Tom Hiddleston – Jaguar F-Type

Take a look at Jaguar’s ‘The Art of Villainy” video starring Tom Hiddleston to experience the company’s polished, cinematic style. This ad was so appealing that ad censors decided it had to be banned for promoting speed. Make your own mind up by watching for yourself below:


Eminem – Chrysler 200

Actors make a fair number of appearances in car ads, as do musicians. Gaunt rapper Eminem appeared in Chrysler’s big budget 2011 Superbowl ad campaign, charting how the tough city of Detroit has spawned an exceptional luxury car.

The link between Eminem and luxury? We haven’t worked that bit out yet. Have a watch below.


Ron Burgundy – Dodge Durango

Not all ads take such a serious line though. Dodge decided to employ the services of a certain Mr Burgundy from Anchorman for its Durango ads. These numerous spoof ads chart some of the Durango 4×4’s most useful features, but with a suitable dose of comedy thanks to Will Ferrell’s hilarious alter ego.


Morpheus – Kia K900

Another fictional character making an appearance in a car ad is the Matrix’s Morpheus, who appears here to promote Kia’s luxurious new saloon. Kia’s idea of luxury seems much more tangible than Chysler’s film charting Detroit’s stuggling economy, but Kia let their hair down with a hearty amount of CGI wizardry.


Emeli Sande – Jaguar XE

Another one of Jaguar’s ads is an interactive campaign featuring singer Emile Sande. Here the singer invites the audience to tell her what symbolises exhilaration to them. Following this Emile will craft a song from all of the themes raised by audiences. Does this grab your attention? Would you get in touch over a promotional song? Tell us below.


How do you choose your next car? Are you swayed on which car to buy by slick advertising campaigns? Or do you simply choose the car that fits your requirement best and stick to that no matter what? Tell us in the comments section below.

Picture: YouTube/Dodge