With the Prime Minister announcing that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2030 it’s likely that more buyers will start giving more consideration to electric vehicles as their potential next choice to get them from A to B.

Fortunately, things are looking rosy when it comes to the variety of electric cars currently on the market. Here’s our run down of some of the best:

Audi e-tron

Audi’s e-tron gets the job of being an electric car done in decidedly premium fashion. It’s good to look at too, while a spacious and well-made interior means it’s a practical option for families too. It’s even got a big boot.

And thanks to a large set of batteries, the e-tron should be able to return up to 241 miles per charge. Plus, thanks to 150kW charging capacity, a 0-80 percent charge can be achieved in just 40 minutes via a 150kW charger. There are used versions already on the market, with prices starting from just under £50,000.

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Hyundai Kona Electric

The Kona Electric is just what you’d expect from Hyundai. It’s solidly made, brimmed with standard equipment and doesn’t look bad either. Priced from just over £30,000 new, it’s competitive against other EVs in the segment, too.

But its trump card is range. Long-range versions of the Kona Electric can return up to 300 miles per charge, while even smaller battery variants will bring a still-respectable 189 miles. Used prices are becoming more competitive too, with low-mileage examples starting from around £28,000.

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Honda e

2020 Honda e

Honda’s captivating e is definitely an electric car for those who want to make a statement. It’s got some really cool features too, such as a widescreen infotainment system and cameras which replace the conventional side mirrors.

It does bring a modest range – just 125 miles – but it’ll likely be more than enough for drivers who only do shorter journeys. You’ll be looking at about £26,450 for a low-mileage example.

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Kia e-Niro

Kia’s e-Niro is one of the best all-rounder electric cars available today. It’s practical thanks to its large hatchback design, while its 282-mile range is more than adequate for most driver demands.

Inside, it’s well made and finished to a high standard, while the level of standard equipment will keep even the most avid of button-pressers happy. When it comes to prices, used examples start at just under £31,000.

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BMW i3

The BMW i3 has been on the scene for some time now, but that hasn’t stopped it from remaining a seriously classy and attractive proposition. It’s got a high-end, space-age interior, while its compact dimensions mean it’s well suited to urban life. A long life means that the used market is awash with examples, with prices starting from £12,995.

With a range of 182 miles, it’s definitely better suited to shorter journeys, though a new ‘S’ version with added performance brings extra zip to the i3’s driving experience.

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Mini Electric

The Mini always looked like a prime candidate for electrification, so it was little surprise when an EV version was announced. With the same retro styling which keeps people coming back to the brand, from the outside at least there’s little to distinguish the electric car from conventionally-powered versions.

It’s got a range of 145 miles – on the shorter end of the spectrum – but fine handling and well-judged suspension make the Mini just as much fun to drive as its petrol and diesel counterparts.

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Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes has also got into the electric racket with this – the EQC. It’s essentially the firm’s Audi e-tron rivalling SUV, bringing the high levels of technology that we’ve come to expect from Mercedes in an electric package. EQC prices on Motors.co.uk start from around £59,000.

It looks pretty space-age too, while a range of 259 miles puts it at the higher end of what is offered by EVs currently on sale.

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Renault Zoe

Renault’s Zoe has been a near-constant sight in the EV segment for many years now, having been one of the very first to enter the scene. Now, it’s been upgraded and adapted to ensure that it keeps up with the new kids on the block.

Despite being quite compact, it can return an impressive 245 miles per charge, meaning that the Zoe really does punch above its weight. Prices for used Zoe models start from just £5,750, but for this price, you’ll be getting an early version with a rather limited range.

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Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen has put the ID.3 – its latest electric car – in the same bracket as the Beetle and Golf, which goes to show just how serious the firm is about its EV offering. It has thrown the works at the ID.3, too, with a brand new bespoke platform and all manner of assistance system ensuring this is one cutting-edge proposition. However, since the ID.3 is so new, there aren’t any on the used market yet.

A range of 260 miles is more than adequate, while a spacious and airy interior helps to make the ID.3 feel like a Golf for the modern age.

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla is one of the best-known names in the electric car segment, offering cars which are both desirable and at the very nose of technology, too. The Model 3 – its compact saloon – is one of the most popular thanks to a lower starting price. However, with a huge screen and a myriad of other cool functions, drivers are unlikely to feel short changed.

Plus, a long-range version Model 3 can return an incredible 353 miles per charge, with even regular versions delivering a still-impressive 263 miles. You’ll be able to pick up a Model 3 on the used market for around £37,400.

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Nissan Leaf

The Leaf has been a huge success for Nissan, having been in production for many years and experiencing great demand over its entire lifetime. It’s easy to see why, too; the latest Leaf is well-priced and good to look at, with an interior which packs plenty of standard equipment. Early Lead models represent a good-value way into electric motoring prices, too, with early models starting from just under £6,000.

A range of up to 239 miles is more than adequate too, while a cheaper, smaller battery version with 168 miles of range is available too.

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