Tech giant Apple could be about to take the next step of breaking into the car world with a new autonomous EV promising ‘next level’ battery technology.

According to Reuters, the firm’s car plans known as ‘Project Titan’ have been secretly continuing away from public eyes since 2014, but the firm could break into the EV market with a consumer-aimed model in 2024. That would go against other firms that have decided to create models for a ride-hailing style of service.

Apple insiders told the news organisation that key to the plan is ‘next level’ battery technology, which would bring down the cost of producing these significantly – currently the most expensive part of an EV – as well as increasing the range.

The firm looks likely to use a third-party due to the challenges of producing a new car, while it will likely outsource the ‘LIDAR’ sensor technology required for self-driving cars.

Coronavirus-related restrictions may also impact the launch, though 2024 is said to be the current target, according to Reuters. Apple has declined to comment on the reports, though.

The iPhone maker would become the latest tech firm to try and break into the world of producing cars. British firm Dyson scrapped plans in 2019 to launch an electric car after investing millions into the project, saying it wasn’t “commercially viable”. Meanwhile, Google is creating self-driving technology for vehicles, rather than creating the cars themselves, with a company called Waymo.