Configuring a car to suit your needs and budget can be a truly baffling experience, but Ferrari has come to the rescue, with an easy-to-use augmented reality app for buyers to use in its showrooms.

This technology lets customers stand in front of a real car, using a tablet’s rear-facing camera to take an image of the car in front of them and superimpose an array of different colours, wheel designs and other options on screen.

Available on five Ferrari models now, buyers can walk around these cars with a tablet as the app showcases all the key features of the respective model in front of them and applies their desired options.

Currently on trial in Ferrari showrooms in Australia and Japan, this tech could soon be rolled out to dealerships around the world if it proves popular with potential buyers.

See the app in action in the video above.

Video: Metaio AR

Chris Lloyd


April 15, 2015