DS claims its anti-fatigue technology ‘could help save around 50 lives a year’.

The news comes ahead of a 2022 safety deadline, which means all new EU cars must be fitted with fatigue alert systems.

According to the Department for Transport, driver fatigue has caused 4,000 accidents and 150 fatalities in the UK since 2015.

DS’s system, already available as on the DS 7 Crossback SUV, combines a pair of infrared cameras focused on the driver with continues vehicle position monitoring.

Furthermore, three key physical signs of distraction or drowsiness are monitored – movements of the eyes, eyelids or neck.

If any of these are detected by the driver-facing cameras, the car sets off an audible alert and a warning notice appears on the digital instrument display.

Vehicle position monitoring also tracks the vehicle in relation to road markings and alerts the driver if there are any sudden or unexpected steering movements.

Vince Clisham, head of product at DS, said: “Distracted and tired drivers are a serious safety threat on roads across the UK and it is the cause of thousands of accidents a year, with some ending in fatalities.

“This serious issue can benefit from the latest technologies available, which is why we have made our DS Driver Attention Motoring technology available across the range on DS 7 Crossback.”


November 11, 2019