A survey has revealed that nearly 7 in 10 motorists believe that bicycle should have licence plates in order to be ridden on UK roads.

The survey from – which took in the opinions of 2,000 motorists – revealed that 68 per cent of drivers believe that bicycles and electric bikes should be forced to have a registration number, much to the potential chagrin of the nearly two million that cycle on a daily basis.

In addition, 53 per cent of those that took the survey stated that cyclists should be required to hold a licence, while 44 per cent believe they should have to pay Vehicle Excise Duty.

Plus, 59 per cent of those surveyed believed that bikes should have to pass an MOT-esque safety inspection on an annual basis.

Some called for cyclists’ road access to be restricted; 60 per cent states that there are too many cyclist on the road, and 45 per cent said that bicycles should be banned from A-roads.

InsuretheGap chief executive Ben Wooltorton said: “The explosion in bike usage in recent years is good news for the environment and should also help to ease congestion in urban areas if managed correctly.

“However, our survey picked up a definite feeling among motorists that they are often held to higher standards than their fellow road users when it comes to adherence to the Highway Code.

“Roads, particularly in towns, are increasingly being used as ‘shared spaces’ and it’s important that legislation, infrastructure planning and funding take into account the views, requirements and safety of all road users, otherwise this tension between different groups is almost inevitable.”

Ted Welford


June 6, 2019

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