Where it was once mingling with other parents at the school gate that filled school run mums and dads with dread, new research suggests that safety on the school run is now a major concern.

A study carried out by insurance providers Allianz Your Cover has found that a staggering 75 per cent of those on the school run have witnessed aggressive behaviour amongst parents, arising from competition for parking spaces. Worryingly, 60 per cent of those witness some form of animosity at the school gates on a weekly basis.

This behaviour is having an adverse affect on road safety around schools. Nearly half of parents surveyed by Allianz have witnessed a car accident between parents on the school run.

The alarming frequency of such accidents has led to an increasing number of parents – some 79 per cent – calling for a 20mph speed limit in a quarter-mile radius around schools.

The survey also found that cars are considered the safest way of getting children to school. They are proving particularly popular in the dark winter months, when around a fifth of parents have concerns over their children making their own way to school.

Jon Lott, for Allianz Your Cover, said: “With almost a fifth of parents worrying about other cars driving near the school gates because of accidents, we support calls for increased safety around schools.

“Getting children to the school gates safely is of the upmost importance and often the competition for parking spaces, busy parents and the need to be on time can distract from this.”

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Daljinder Nagra


January 8, 2014

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