Used car storage: what's best for the school run?

September 21, 2012 | By | In Advice

It’s that time of year again when students of all ages go back to school. For those in Primary school, just starting or entering a new class, school is a big deal for both child and parent, and getting them there with everything they need is a necessity. The likelihood is if you have one child of primary school age you have another a little younger and both need to be present during the morning school run, so it goes without saying that you need good storage in your second hand car.

So how do you make sure the storage you have is suitable for your kids? Firstly, those “just in case” necessities you carry like de-icer, a jack and petrol container can all be banished to a box in the boot rather than kicked under the nearest seat. Not only does it create a little more space and avoid little hands finding things you don’t want them to, it also means you know exactly where they are when you do need them.

Second is to add more space saving options in your new or used car. Check with the manufacturer of your car to find out if they have made any additional space saving options such as under seat drawers or extra door pockets. These can come in very handy to store extra essentials for school or emergency plaster rations – not to mention it keeps the car a little tidier.


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