Top 5 scariest cars

October 31, 2012 | By | In Advice

Since it’s Halloween and the witching hour is approaching, why not have a look through our list of the top five scariest cars – if you dare…

1. Rolls Royce Phantom Jonckheere

A dramatically designed car, the Rolls Royce is certainly a menacing sight! It is named for the Jonckheeres, the designers who created the impressive bodywork, reminiscent of Dracula’s cape. The car featured large proportions, making it an imposing presence, and a sinister fin on the back. And if that’s not enough to spook you, the interiors are also a deep blood red.

2. Bugatti Veyron

A dream car for many, the Bugatti Veyron strikes fear into environmentalists’ hearts – in traffic it emits up to 999g of carbon dioxide per kilometre. The Veyron is the least fuel efficient car available on the market – which shouldn’t bother its owners, who will have shelled out over $1.5 million to buy the vehicle. Not only that but this car is lethally fast, with top speeds of up to 253mph and a whopping 1001 horsepower.

3. Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini is renowned for its sleek design and for the production of high performance sports vehicles. The LM002 was a frightening departure for the brand, a four-wheel drive SUV which started life as a military prototype vehicle nicknamed ‘Cheetah’. This car is not only scarily ugly, but could also be terrifyingly powerful – some models were equipped with a 7.8 litre engine more commonly found on powerboats. Marketed at rich oil Sheikhs, the LM002 never made it into the hands of the military – and Lamborghini’s subsequent offerings have thankfully been much more pleasing to the eye.

4. Toyota Prius

A car designed to save the world, the Toyota Prius has actually been a factor in nearly 100 deaths and 57 injuries between 2000 and 2010. Reminiscent of 1983 horror film Christine – about a car with a murderous will – the Prius suffered from sudden unintended acceleration, causing the car to lurch forwards wildly, seemingly of its own free will. At least 6,200 incidents were reported, and Toyota eventually recalled the vehicles.

5. Ford Pinto

The term ‘death trap’ could have been invented for this car – a major design flaw meant that any impact to the rear end would cause a puncture to the fuel tank leading to a fuel leak and, eventually, to a deadly fire. Worse still, that same impact would cause the doors to jam against the frame – trapping passengers inside a fiery inferno. 

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