the importance of washing

January 27, 2011 | By | In Advice

It's important not to smell of petrol or look like you've been lying in mud! But saying that, it's often seen as the trendy thing to do. Looks like you're well used and not just for show.

Particularly in petrol head circles, and certainly in the wonderful world of 4×4 off road types with winches and things.

I think a land rover defender should always have some degree of mud on it. The interior should have matted dog hair on the seats and the steering wheel should have gnawed marks on it.

Anyway, you've probably had enough of this babble. Did you guess it was babble I needed to see what the page looked like with lots of text on it. I'm not very creative so babble will have to do. Perhaps I should have surfed the net found an article about cars or something and just cut and pasted the text, would've been quicker and may evenm have been remotely interesting….. I think I'll do that next time. chow

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