Isle of Man puts in bid for driverless cars

Google’s driverless cars have already explored the roads of California and Texas, but now these cars could be venturing onto the winding highways of the Isle of Man.

Revolutionary plans are being drawn up for the self-governing crown dependency to become the world leader in the development of autonomous vehicles.

Legislation is being prepared by politicians on the island to allow driverless cars on its roads, which if approved will put the island at least 12 months ahead of the British mainland.

Google, who has been developing driverless cars since 2009, is believed to have contacted the Manx government with plans to test the cars on the 221 sq mile island for the first time outside the US.

Despite Allan Bell, the island’s chief minister, admitting last month that Google’s plans were rejected by civil servants, the Manx authority has made a U-turn this week and insisted they are investigating the possibilities of allowing driverless cars on their roads.

It is believed that any amendments to the island’s laws could be complete by this summer, and there is also talk that the Manx government are discussing with other companies the possibility of bringing their driverless cars to the island.

Google has refused to comment on the plans with the Isle of Man, but in an official statement Mr Bell claimed that the island’s plans with driverless cars may put it above the US and countries such as Sweden.


Adam Pilon


February 4, 2016

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