IAM release urban driving tips for motorists

Mark Lewis, Director of Standards at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, has released guidelines on how to minimise the risk of road incident in an urban environment.

Lewis describes the current changing climate as reason to remain cautious, especially in wet conditions where drivers should increase their stopping distance to help prevent collisions.

As wet weather is part of the norm at this time of the year, Lewis also reminds drivers that splashing a pedestrian is an offence and should be avoided at all costs.

There is also a reminder about increasing stopping distances behind public and school buses, as people could be crossing both in front and behind, and advices to avoid overtaking buses.

Lewis then emphasises the importance of waiting for pedestrians to clear crossings and junctions, as some may not be paying attention.

Lewis advices that: “Many accidents occur near junctions and road crossings so make sure you keep your eyes peeled at all times – look out for elderly pedestrians and anyone wearing headphones or using their mobile phones.”

He continues by instructing that some delivery vans could stop in tight spots, so giving them a wide berth is recommended.

The IAM is the largest road safety charity in the UK with over 90,000 members and is most well known for its advanced driving and riding tests.

Adam Pilon


March 2, 2016

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