How to safely adjust your seat

February 19, 2013 | By | In Advice

The correct seat position is vital for both control of the car and comfort whilst on your journey, but many drivers do not have a good driving position, and are therefore less able to prevent accidents and more vulnerable if an accident does occur. Adjusting your seat properly is quick and simple, just follow our top tips!

The most dangerous seating position is leaning to the back, as it causes a lack of visibility, an increase in reaction time and a high probability of a crash; this position also renders safety precautions such as airbags and seatbelts inefficient in the event of a crash. Most people with incorrect seat positioning sit too far from the wheel, but it’s an easy mistake to correct. The seat should always be positioned in relation to the pedals; your seat is at the correct position when your knees remain slightly bent when the pedals are fully depressed.

The seat height should allow you to see forward clearly, whilst retaining a clear view of the dashboard. Readjusting the height should not compromise your ability to reach the wheel or pedals comfortably. Your headrest should be positioned so that the top middle part of the headrest is level with the height of your eyes, and not more than 3 inches away from your head to decrease the chance of whiplash.

If your steering wheel is adjustable, the steering height should be adjusted so that you can grip the wheel properly with your palms just lower than your shoulders. The steering wheel should be at a distance which allows the elbows to be slightly bent whilst driving, and there should be around a 30cm distance between the centre of the wheel and the base of the breastbone.

And last but not least, once your seat is properly adjusted, make sure to position yourself correctly. Sit up straight and ensure your back is square against the seat; this will help avoid backaches and back injuries. The correct seating position is invaluable in improving the safety and comfort of your car, and taking a few minutes to make these changes could save you from an injury.

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