Decorating your car for Halloween

October 29, 2012 | By | In Advice

With only a few days until Halloween, thoughts of trick or treating, cool costumes and gorging yourself with sweets probably aren’t far from your mind – and that’s just the adults! Here at we love anything spooky, so we thought we’d put together some tips on how to decorate your used car for the scary season.

First of all, like anything you put into your car or plaster on the outside, safety is paramount. Make sure you don’t use anything that will obstruct your view, either in your mirrors or through your windows. With the increasingly dark evenings, wet weather and hordes of yelling, sugar-infused children in fancy dress running around, the last thing you want this Halloween is to not be able to use your car effectively.

For the exterior of your vehicle, make sure that you’re not using anything that could mark or chip the paintwork. The classic ‘arm in the boot’ is a simple but effective prank – you just need a fake arm and a little bit of fake blood to make it realistic! Vinyls are a great way of decorating your windows and car body, plus they peel off easily leaving no marks. Magnetic sheeting is also useful for decorating the outside of your car; it’s especially effective if your car is brightly coloured – cut out silhouettes of witches, pumpkin faces and cats from the sheeting and simply clip to your car.

Inside your vehicle, you can decorate it just like you would your house (bearing in mind the safety precautions, of course). Fake cobwebs and plastic spiders would look great draped across the back seat, or how about a glove compartment full of snakes and creepy-crawlies? A miniature squash, carved out like a pumpkin and secured using tape or Blu-tack onto the dashboard, adds a traditional touch, while even simple black and orange paper chains, streamers or lanterns would be a quick but spookily-effective addition.

How will you be scarifying your car for Halloween? Make sure you share your spooky pictures with us over on Facebook!

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