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September 14, 2011 | By | In Advice

We all like a good family road trip from time to time, however the reality is that belts are tightening and the cost of driving long distance in a car escalates by the week.

Recent research from revealed that as many as 60% of us are calling it quits on the theme park, as costly family days out see a gradual decline.

Clearly, we love to see Britain’s families on the road however as the following list attests, you don’t have to drive 500 miles and spend as much to have fun with your family.

We’ve scoured the web to find you the best resources for fun and inexpensive days out in your area.


Netmums is the proverbial ‘daddy’ of everything ‘local’ and ‘family’, with an amazing round up of events, classes, toddler groups and children’s parties in your region. This is the first place you should look for family activities that aren’t going to make your petrol costs spiral out of control.

Potentially the most hyper-local events website on the internet, this really is just a case of entering your postcode and getting scores of information about free or low cost fetes, parties and activities within a few miles radius of your doorstep.

Similarly hyper-local to Wherecanwego, this site allows you to search for inexpensive and local events by category; you can find everything from water parks to amateur dramatics classes!

BBC Local Sites

Not just the first for breaking news, the local portion of the BBC’s website is a goldmine of local news, radio shows, and savings to be made on events within your county. Similarly, it gives a great round up of all local sites, services and forums for you to network with other cash strapped families.

ASDA Sporting Chance

It may be the end of the summer holidays, however ASDA have a great initiative during all term breaks that provide a range of free sporting activities for kids in your area. Whether your little one is into a spot of football, badminton or even boxing, this is a much cheaper alternative to hauling your family miles up the motorway to Alton Towers.

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