Are we there yet? Car trips with the kids

November 1, 2012 | By | In Advice

It’s that time of year when people starting planning longer journeys to visit family and loved ones before the Christmas rush, but if you have kids you’ll already know how trying a long journey with young children can be. So here are our tips and tricks for travelling with children in the winter.

The nights are drawing in a lot quicker now, and the drive down after school on a Friday might not start in the dark but it will certainly end in it, which means that the usual car games like I-spy aren’t quite as easy to play. Because its dark children may be more likely to fall asleep during the journey, so it is worth making sure they’re in comfortable clothes, perhaps their pyjamas, and have a cuddly toy within reach.

One of the main things to think about is travel sickness. If you don’t usually travel you may not know if your child is prone to this – or perhaps it is a first time occurrence. We advise having travel sickness tablets in the car, especially ones that can be taken with the onset of feeling queasy. There are now ones specifically made for kids with nice flavours or that are chewable.

The next is drinks and snacks – are you going to allow them on the journey and what are you going to take. Anything with high sugar count will make the kids overexcited so snacks like apple slices or sandwiches can help to keep their energy level on an even keel.

The usual car games that are played by families might not be possible when travelling in the dark. Ensuring kids have toys in easy reach (storage on the back of chairs) is ideal, and a flat tray on which to lean for activities like colouring will always come in helpful. Finding a radio station or CD that everyone wants to listen to will always make the journey a lot easier for everyone and can even lead to some great family road trip memories.

If you’re lucky the kids will start to fall asleep along the journey because of the warm car, soothing movement and dark surroundings. What are your tips and tricks? Share them with us on Facebook.

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